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President's Note

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According to both the holy Qur'an and the holy Bible, the shortest route to satisfy one's Creator is to serve His creatures. This was perhaps the guiding principle of Md. Rafiqul Islam, a devotedly religious man, when, in 1985, he contacted a few social­ welfare-minded persons in Gaibandha town along with a few bankers, and started Karmirhath, a non-profit humanitarian organization.

Ever since its inception, Karmirhath has been engaged in different humanitarian pro­grams that were directly related to helping the needy. In the pursuit of rendering humanitarian services to the less privileged people in the society, Karmirhath worked also in collaboration with reputed national and international organizations.

The unique success of Karmirhat has been the establishment of Karmirhath eye hos­pital at Gaibandha at a time when there was no facility for the treatment of any eye patient in the area. It was the necessity of the people then. Karmirhath has successful­ly demonstrated its ability to serve the suffering humanity through its hospital and other programs like free distribution of eleven hundred wheelchairs to the poor dis­abled people. Perhaps, Karmirhath is the only organization in the country that has made positive changes in the lives of so many disable people in about IS months only. It has so far distributed wheelchairs in eight districts.

Besides eye, four more major services, namely, the diabetic care, children care, moth­er's care and dental care, have been added to the hospital.

In addition to its hospital services, Kartnirhath has started diversification of its serv­ices in other humanitarian fields. Besides the hospital, Karmirhath had five major projects in hand in 2007. While fund for almost all of these projects has been received in our bank accounts, we could not use it due to non-availability of registration with the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government. The process of this registration. which is lengthy, should have been started in 2001 when foreign fund started coming in. However, it is now being pursuit with all earnestness.

Karmirhath has been working in other's premises since its inception. Time has come to give it a permanent abode. We are working hard to this effect and hopeful about finding a suitable site in near future.

Abdus Sobhan
Karmirhath, Gaibandha.












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Goals Reached

A group of eighth-graders from a Los Angeles School raised funds for “Restore Eye Sights to 500 Bangladeshis” project that is being displayed in website: They donated the money to Karmirhath.

Our Goal was to make $250, which was successfully done Our first bake sale raised about $70 The second time we gained about $130 Our last bake sale achieved about $100 This totaled our donations to $300

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